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I am a voter in Bossier Parish. 

I support the removal of the current Executive Director of the Cypress Black Bayou Recreation
and Water Conservation District for these reasons:

  1. Dual Office Holding
    • The State of Louisiana prohibits a person holding incomparable roles. See LA Revised Statue 42:64(A)(1),(A)
      (4) and LA R.S. 42:64(A)(6).
    • Voting on matters as a Commissioner concerning his personnel issues, insurance settlements and
      compensation ie (yearly budget).
  2. Mismanagement of Public Funds
    • Overspending ($1.7M yearly budget)
    • 3 mil loan/bond without public ballot/vote.
    • Excessive spending on legal fees.
  3. Overreach of Power
    • General disregard for State and Local laws (see point number one).
    • Ethics board violations.
    • Open meetings law violations.

By signing this document, you agree that your name / signature will be used to present to the various appointing authorities for the Cypress Black Bayou Recreation and Water Conservation District in a public meeting setting, and the same may be presented at meetings of the Friends of Cypress Black Bayou. You also agree that your name / signature may be recorded in the minutes or publicized in the broadcast and/or minutes of those meetings.

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