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At Bossier Watch, we believe it should be easy to partner with our content directly. By doing so, your company, organization, or brand will be in front of dedicated followers and consumers. Even if you already have a social media advertising strategy, direct content advertising with us insures that your brand is in front of a targeted audience. We are very flexible and willing to work within your budget.

Want to advertise? Simply reach out to us directly, we will send you our current packages and availability and be glad to meet with you virtually or in person.

over 0 hours

of Video Content

We have produced hundreds of hours of content across Bossier Watch and Louisiana Watch since Oct 6, 2020, (when we started live videos) through Jan 28, 2021. From that initial show – with no outline, no notes, and questionable audio – we have produced over 80 shows and separate informational posts plus dozens of other posts and document reveals.

Since then we have continually improved our video and audio quality, become far more efficient in our organizational abilities, interviewed dozens of guests, and continued to grow our audience.

People Reached Organically in Year 1

Our primary content delivery platform has been our Facebook Page. In our first year, we have reached over 64,000, grown to over 2,500 dedicated followers, and had over 127,000 engagements! This is all through “organic” growth – simply shares, tags, and word of mouth. Starting Q2 of 2022, we will begin our own “boosted posts” (aka advertising) for Bossier Watch in partnership with our advertisers and donors.

Female Followers


Male Followers


Because our content focuses primarily on content that affects people across a wide spectrum, we have gained solid percentage of female followers (as identified from Facebook Insights) across the key 25-64 year old demographic. This is important because women tend to highly influence decision making.

Even though our content is produced primarily by 2 guys, we are able to reach a wide variety of followers and thus consumers.


How We Can Help Your Business Goals

Because much of the content we produce tends to be at least slightly controversial, BossierWatch and our associated content get attention quickly. That translates to an engaged audience and potential customers.

Where many media content providers monetize content through pesky pop-up style ads that interfere with viewing, we recognize those methods are a distraction and turn-off to audiences. Our in-content ads will always be professionally implemented. We want our technical professionalism to reflect well on your business.

Our contracts are simple and straightforward with no hassles. We can produce simple ads in-house for your business, or you supply us with pre-produced ads. We are very flexible with your existing advertising that you may want to send to us – and will always try to accommodate your business if possible.

Cutting edge content and technology combined with professionally produced content for an expanding and engaged audience – equals success for your business should you partner with us.