Bossier Watch – Citizen Multimedia

Want to Be a Guest on our Show?

Do you want to be a guest on BossierWatch – or have you been invited by us? It’s really simple, but there are a few things that will help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Our preferred method is to have guests join via their iPhone, Android, iPad, or via computer. If you have a bad or weak connection, we do offer a dial-in number that allows you to call from a cell or landline (see below).

***Earbuds or headphones or bluetooth earpiece are strongly encouraged (to help eliminate echo) but not required.

(1) Link to Join –> we will text or email you a simple link that works on mobile phones or computers. We don’t publish it in an effort to keep out bots, etc.

(2) If joining a show by your iPhone / iPad or Android:

*Phone calls / txt may interrupt your session with us. 
*Please put your iPhone / iPad / Android in “Do Not Disturb” if possible.
*Please swipe off any other apps
*If you get disconnected, simply click the link again or send us a txt and we will assist.
*You may experience some ECHO – turn down your speaker volume as much as possible but where you can still hear the interview.
*You MUST allow your phone / computer browser access to your microphone.
iPhone -> Settings -> Safari -> Microphone (near bottom) & Camera -> ASK or ALLOW
iPhone -> Settings -> Chrome -> Microphone & Camera -> Swiped Green (on)

(3) If you are joining from a computer:
*Close out all programs that are not needed
*We recommend using either Chrome or the Brave browser
*Make sure whatever browser you use has permission for your microphone and camera
*We suggest the use use of an external mic and headphones – but not required.

(4) We will try to do a test and audio check about 15 mins prior to the show start time. This also allows us to explain the flow of the show before starting. You can stay “on hold” until your turn in the show or disconnect and we can bring you back in at the appropriate time.

We will give you a phone number that works from ANY landline or cell phone. You will join with audio only (like a radio show) and we will display a picture of you on the video feed. This works well in areas with weak internet connectivity, etc.