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BossierWatch is dedicated to keeping an eye out for Bossier City and Bossier Parish politics. Our goal is to report information combined with our opinions and spin from decades of political experiences. We are “amateur journalists” since we have no formal training. However, “pundits” may actually be more a correct term as we do not claim to be necessarily fair nor balanced. We do welcome comments from anyone whether you agree or disagree, whether you consider yourself a liberal, conservative, independent, or whatever. The only thing we ask is that the conversations stay “relatively civil.”

Starting October 6, 2020, our team at Bossier Watch has produced hundreds of hours of video content primarily through our Facebook Live shows on both our BossierWatch Page and our Louisiana Watch Page. We have now expanded to youtube here and here as well as Telegram and Rumble – and will continue to move into new social media platforms as they become available. Everyone now and then we post on our Twitter account and put some pics on Instagram.

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